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Ahead of Time
We understand babies and schedules - they are on their own time! When scheduling your appointment, please try to avoid nap time. A well-rested baby will react best to the experience. It is also important that your baby eats no less than 30 minutes prior to the appointment. It is highly likely that your baby will get hungry during the visit - and that is totally okay! Parents are encouraged to tend to their baby's needs during the sessions.

Just remember, no matter what happens, we will do our best to work with you and your baby to ensure an enjoyable experience!
What to Bring
As an all-inclusive baby spa, we strive to do our best to meet your and your baby's every need during your visit. Our services include the use of a special floating device; a sanitized, reusable swim diaper; organic massage oil; and organic towels. Reusable swim diapers are available for purchase if you prefer your baby to have their own. Your baby may also float in the nude, if you wish.

Use our Milk Bar to prepare and warm your baby's bottle. Please bring your baby's breastmilk/formula and feeding supplies (bottles, burp cloths, etc.). Grab yourself a complimentary beverage while you're there!

An extra change of clothes is always a good idea, too.
Your Arrival
Guests will be required to remove shoes in the reception area to maintain the cleanliness of the spa. You may wear clean socks or use our disposable shoe covers.

Unfortunately, we do not have space inside to accommodate stroller parking. Please refrain from bringing strollers into the spa. If assistant is needed to get from your vehicle into the spa, please call or email us ahead of time to make arrangements for our staff to help. We are always happy to help!


Who May Attend?
Infant massage can strengthen the relationship between the baby and the person providing the massage. We do not offer classes to daycare providers, grandparents, or other family members (unless they are the baby's primary caregiver), or friends of the family.

Additionally, we love children of all ages, but we do not allow siblings to attend. This is a time for you and your baby to enjoy some one-on-one time. Siblings and non-parent guests under the age of 12 are not permitted. This rule is strictly enforced.

We allow two guests per family visit. This includes multiples.
Who will massage my baby?
You will! Infant massage classes are intended to teach parents and primary caregivers how to properly massage their baby. The educator will use a demonstration doll during the class, so you can easily practice with your baby. An educator will never massage your baby.
Why are multiple sessions best?
Each session will build on the strokes learned in the previous session. Teaching the strokes in this way helps to prevent your baby from becoming overwhelmed and over stimulated.​
My child has additional needs. Can we use infant massage?
Absolutely!​ Infant massage offers all parents the opportunity to enjoy special time together with their child. Our CEIMs are trained to teach infant massage to families of children with special needs until the child reaches the chronological age of seven years.
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